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Narrative Assignment

Step One: tell a story

sketch/draft due to the wiki on February 13th by midnight, EST


One way to direct attention is to tell a story. Narrative is simply the organization of information in space and time. "Here's a story of a man named Brady....." sets the stage and determines a starting point: the story of the Brady Bunch begins when two single parents unite forces. The Brady Bunch jingle just one example of the useful "once upon a time" catch phrase, which uses chronology as a way of organizing information: first this happened, then that other thing. Of course, on a more serious note, it takes work to sort these things out, because many things are happening at once. Here's a story by a woman named Brady. What's at stake in this narrative? Producing, analyzing and revising narratives yields important and transformative information about who we are, where we are, and where we'd like to go, so narrative is becoming the lingua franca of most projects--projects are really stories, the organization of people, tools, and resources in space and time. In medicine, Kathryn Montgomery Hunter tells us, cases are organized and communicated in narrative form; cases bring together information from diverse technical idiom and convey this information through plots as "the patient's story is encapsulated and retold in the physician's account of the process of disease in this one individual" (Doctor's Stories: the Narrative Structure of Medical Knowledge, p. 51). Basically, try and think about narrative as a potent site of self experimentation, as well as a means of expression, persuasion and information management.



The TV Tropes Wiki shows how basic elements of story telling get used over and over again, and if you drop your favorite show into their search engine, you can get a concrete sense of what a "trope" is. Yes, and, what's more, emboldened, you will select some of these narrative patterns and and adapt them to a story you want to tell, or to convey any information that you want a specific listener or reader to understand or keep with them for a while.


800 words or substantive, persuasive, engaging multimedia


Step two:


the Remix-Assignment


Remix Grid


PeerCalibratedGrading : grading assignments


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