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All Together, Now, take 2: Presentational Protocols, again


Crystal, Caitlin, Hend, and Brian will give a presentation on Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. The rest of us will prepare for this workshop by continuing to read McCloud and apply the principles for multimedia composition he shares in Understanding Comics to our writing-in-wiki experiments. Prepare questions for the group, but be prepared to allocate your undivided attention to the presentation, first. After listening, tune your questions, and, thinking and performing rhetorically, adapt them to the timing, unfoldment, and overall effect of the group's presentation, with an ear towards fostering further whole-group discussion.


for guidance, consult "The Fundamentals of Dialogue."



Springing into Break


-final projects: share, discuss all proposals-in-process. Elect your mousejockey, and take us through the wiki, today!





audience finder and mission statements

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