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remixing case, rule, and result: recipes for playing a part

sources: Peirce handout, freesound (the art of sharing premises)


1. deduction and the allocation/direction of attention

2. induction and the entrainment/dissipation of habit energies

3. hypothesis and affect: the "sensuous element of thought"


tropes of the week

add to this list!




the miscue : a trope for the infoquake


how to rock: 3 simple and repeatable gestures




change resolution

and trope...


or: select, cut, and re-sequence. Consult McCloud's science of transitions, page 74. Around cuts, gaps, and silences, rhetorical choices present themselves. Cut! Connect!


Try connecting these samples, selected and collected by Jessica.








Order from Rhythmic Entrainment and the Origin of Levels Through Dissipation


Peirce, C.S. "Deduction, Induction, and Hypothesis" from Chance, Love, and Logic (handout)


Mack, John. Abduction, intro and chapter 1 (handout)


Cage, John. "Forerunners of Modern Music," from Silence (handout)




Read: this wiki!!

Also: "Nietzsche: On the Theory of Quantitative Rhythm," "On Rhythm/On the Poet," The Gay Science section 84, and the Aristoxenus fragment, Elementa Rhythmica.


Write: MixMasterBlog


link pile:


link your freesound compositions here:


woven fabric


Industrial Boom Bap


freesound is fun



freesound rooster


happiness in costa rica


nuclear genocide




bringin' the noise


bringin' the silence


shamanic freesounding


Recipe for post-SOTU address decompression




My life



Audacity + Freesound = Fun


3 bona-fide solid gold sonic nuggets

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