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What do you write about?


Where do we write?


What is your project or "problematic?"




analog-to-digital solutions and multimedia options on campus





Blog 1: finding (and losing) rhythm in the field


step one: Find a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone you meet, and ask permission to record the audio of a conversation you will initiate about rhythm. You might ask for a definition of rhythm, or you might ask your interlocutor to join you in some sort of rhythm.

step 2: review and transcribe--into a text document--the most interesting, instructive, or problematic moments of your recording session. You might write up a sequence of highlights, or, if the "best capture" comes in the form of an unbroken narrative, you may prefer to isolate and transcribe that highlight. Upload your transcription to the wiki.


Blog 2: going "second-order"


Write about the transcription process. Provide any "supplemental" information that you want to share--about the set and setting of your recording session, the ease/difficulty/effects of moving sound to wiki, or anything else that comes to mind.


Blog 3: thinking of linking....and then doing it!


Create links between 2 or more peer blogs. In your blog space, write about why you made this connection.


Blog 4: licensing arguments


Select a creative commons license for your wiki space, and provide a rationale explaining your selection.





1. Your classmate's "blogs"



2. Deleuze and Guattari "Of the Refrain" handout





Freesound, the Creative Commons, legaltorrents




add links relevant to our opening narratives, discussions, readings, and activities here:

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