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rhetorics of rhythm



New Wiki Page


Musix, a linux distro for musicians





Pull out Your Cut




0ffice Hours:

Where: DAV 119A

When: TBA





"I offer threefold praise to this octoform body, Shiva, whose essense is illusion, holding a token of enjoyment, in whom there is perfect equilibrium of all worldly activity by means of divisions (kala), time (kala), and rest (laya).

-Abhinavagupta, Abhinavabharati 31.1


100 Snell House (seminar), and Bayboro 225 (lab)

Wednesdays, from 12-3:50 PM


Professor Trey Conner


IM handle: rhythmizomenoid




click here and stare at the center for thirty seconds and then look away. A very pleasant hallucination, gave me a very flashback feeling. Brian, maybe you don't want to click on it so you don't remember the war again. Incoming! Down!! Down!! Everbody Down!! Charlie don't surf. Wow, what a flashback. -Brian


If you think "wiki" doesn't sound like English, you're right. But it's English now. This word born on the Pacific Island of Hawaii finally got an entry into the latest edition of the online Oxford English Dictionary (OED) along with 287 other new words.


The wiki question of the week:


So - if this seminar is a washing machine are you the red sock? Why or why not? Post your answer here - Sarah Mae



Rock 'n'roll, biatches.


Hey Trey, here's an audience finder for ya.

-David (content linked from sinfest.com)



tuning instructions


get started, write away





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