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Today: mixing lecture with project-talk, distinguishing focused listening from beatmatching, remixing logical types, stasis theory, branding, definitions of rhetoric and much more, e-prime, graphics/image manipulation, recursion/nestedness-of-wiki.......


Housekeeping: Wrapping up the Narrative/Remix/Peer-Calibrated-Grading Unit


Bundle your rhetorical performance (as discussed last week: opening gambit, remixes of peers, a fit-and-finished narrative, and, finally, a link to your peer-grading activity), and post it to this page:





Again: your portfolio is simply a wiki page that serves as a "coversheet" and guide to your overall rhetorical performance in Unit One. Be sure to include your grading efforts, as those responses provide opportunity to display a compressed measure of your response-ability, and will serve as an important index of your treatment of the exercise.


Definition Revisited: on the uses and abuses of definition for and towards final projects


Definition and Branding


Grokking the GIMP

Scripts for the Week


For Trey's word choices today


1. building on previous blogs: trolling for definitional exergy with imagery. 500 words.


2. definition drafts due next week: establish word/technique quota


3. nestedness of wiki, recursivity: informal writing as review, re-tuning, like this:


First, read Danielou, A. (1995). Music and the power of sound. Rochester, VM: Inner Traditions.


a. cut:


passages from Danielou, previous handouts and texts, peer-work, i.e. assigned readings


b. mix:


make links, transcribe passages to the wiki.


c. connect:


write a summary, share a critique, offer a description, render an implicate connection explicate.


4. Determine presentation protocols for next week, and contribute to a "link pile," a prolepsis on class discussion

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