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build a composition calendar


Final projects will count for a third of your grade in the course, participation (timely blogging/preparedness for class, presentations, and focused written evaluations/grading of peer work) will also tally one third, and a series of longer "unit assignments" will segment the flow and fill out the scale:


1/2. PromPt - do it... 02/14/07 by GroupMax


1. Narrative + Remix Assignment + PCG 20 points, 2/14, 2/21


Drop your Portfolios here


Yay! Another place to drop our work... Weee!


2. Definition (solo) (FebruaryTwentyEighth) 10 points

status: keep going...


3. AudienceFinder (group, FebruaryTwentyFirst)<--Go here for Sarah and others presentation about the book SYNC + AnnotatedBibliography (solo/group, MarchSeventh) 20 points

status: finished. post what you have to the assignment prompt page.


4. MissionStatement (group, MarchSeventh) 10 points

status: finished. post to your group's home page, make links from each individual contributor page.


5. Proposal (group, AprilFourth) 20 points

Due: AprilFourth


6. Causal Composition or Evaluation (solo, AprilFourth) 20 points

status: ideas/blogs/outlines/questions/drafts due AprilFourth



AprilEighteenth: group project drafts due. Remix what you have!


AprilTwentyFifth: group project presentations.




Total: 300 points.



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