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Definition and Branding

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Audience, Dialogue, and the Commons: On the importance of actual audiences



In this article about neural marketing , you can read about how marketing logos can affect your brain. Indeed, all of us, as rhetors, and individuals in common, seek to alter the consciousness of audiences. Branding is one way to use commonplace and available rhetorical forms to alter consciousness, and branding repetitiously uses language and images to brand itself upon our attention. The case of Pepsi and the Yin Yang symbol shows that these branding strategies very likely draw on common forms humans have long used to attract and re-direct attention. For example:


In 2003, the University of South Florida's athletic department switched to a new \"Iconic Bull\" logo


what is the argument compressed in this image?


In Jessica's slogan, "A small campus feel, with a big campus name."


The swastika, an equilateral geometric figure, has been sampled and remixed--by diverse cultures, for diverse purposes--since the Neolithic age. However, this icosagon, which can take on different meanings according to simple rotations (in Hindu culture, right-facing can mean "evolutionary" whereas left-facing can mean "involutionary") became taboo in the West after it was infamously appropriated by Germany's Nazi Party.


One or Several Definitions


Archetypes and tropes as mediators between audiences and composers.


definitional filters


English and E-Prime


sequence E-Prime with ProseActivationStation or other syntactical heuristics for depatterning prose. Check for holes.



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