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Create a link by clicking on "edit page" button on the toolbar at the top of the page. In the edit page, use CamelCase or place brackets around a moniker of your choosing to create a "wikidelic self" name and space for writing, then go go go...


Add color to your wiki!! This link will give you a list of color names you can use.


Color your links - #displaycontent a:link { color: brown; text-decoration: bold; } a:visited { text-decoration: bold; color: red} - sm


Post your emails here


Blogging requirements: 4 entries per week.


Extra Space for Files : anticipating upload. When we need more space, we can upload audio, vid, photos, and documents here.

Trey Conner

wikidentity: ShareRiff aka 'Papa Trope'

IM Handle: rhythmizomenoid

Skype: dial ShareRiff

Kristopher Kaufmann

Sarah Mae Butcher

wikiidentity: Sarah Mae

blog: Focused Con Fusion

IM Handle: smae5160

Delicious page: Sarah Mae

Crystal Kelly

wikiidentity: AutomaticMellowDramatic

Blog: AMD's Blogs

IM Handle: Watermellon72

Brian Constantine

wikiidentity: Anonymous

Blog:Good Vibrations

IM Handle: rufingkiddingme

Kevin R Bittinger

wikidentity: KevinRb

Cell: 727-742-7043

House: 727-394-7043

Email: Kevinrb@verizon.net

Hend Nassar

Wikiidentity: lavanator

Del.icio.us identity: lavanator

Blog: Hend's page

David Havasi

wikidentity: David

Blog David's Wiki

Delicious: link

Caitlin Kuleci

wikidentity: journalista

Blog: Joan Didion's Pinkie

Del.icio.us: journalista

Stephen Janes

wikidentity: cacophony69

Del.icio.us: methusela777

Jessica Linville

wikidentity: jllinvil

Blog: World of Randomness

Delicious page: JJbop21

Meagan Taylor

wikidentity: Meagan

Blog: Mindless drivel

Cory Vilardi

wikidentity: bAzookA

Blog: AnthrAx Rush




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