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Class Prompts

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All of us will select from the prompts below and direct our writing activity this week.


Prompt created from the intense class discussion...read if you want

Read away if you like


Another Perspective - Brian and my own


I read the information attached to the link - What is the prompt and who is the author? - Sarah Mae

Sarah, it was merely created from the discussion from class yesterday and how you felt about the whole thing. Any after thoughts or reflections? Do you feel the link and its connection to the discussion in class or no? .:Kris:. (Purely optional)

Thank you for signing your comment Kris. I appreciate it. Both perspectives are interesting. I didn't hear the entire discussion so feel I should reserve my opinion on it. - Sarah Mae

I posted a blog clarifying the central claim I made Wednesday. I posted it for Brian, but it obviously satisfies this prompt. - Cory


Prompts for 2/21/07



2. Choose one of the images and write about it. Write about what you see, what it makes you think about or research the image and go all techie on it. These images were chosen specifically to tie in with the book for the week - Synch.



PromptFor 02/14



Group Max: Prompts



if you go chasing rabbits synoptic outline with plenty of gutter




1. Caitlin

Pick ten songs you love. Find sound or video files of that song, and post them along with a brief explanation of why you love that song. Mine is a work in progress, but will be completed over a few days.

Required Listening

One Plus Four -Anonymous

music is a balance -Meagan

Doesn't signing with an Anonymous name defeat the purpose of signing? lol .:Kris:.

I guess, unless of course Anonymous isn't really anonymous but a known wiki name, like a play on words. - Brian (aka Anonymous)

Top Ten - Sarah Mae

Top Ten - Kris

Ten Top - Hend


ToPsong- KevinRb

My Top Songs- Crystal

All music prompts--Jess

2. Hend

Please pick 5-10 songs that just describe you. Find the sound or video file of that song and post it with a brief explanation of how that song truly describes you. Like Caitlin's, mine is a work in progress, I just wanted to put this here so that you all can work on this at your leisure.

Five More -Anonymous (aka Brian)

My Musical Self - Caitlin

Just Me - Sarah Mae

Same for Prompt #1 - Kris

Musical Hend - Me (Hend)

deScribe - KevinRb

Songs about Me - Crystal


3. Brian

What song reminds you of your first sexual experience or do you want your first to be like. Just one, pick it, post it. Unless of course this offends anyone, then please feel free to ignore. I was just thinking how music is the soundtrack to the movie of our life and all the biggest moments have their song. I wanna know.

Ohhh getting personal, I like it! -Meagan

Paradise -Brian

Music for Making Sexy Time - Caitlin

Kiss -Hend

No song could be that great ;) - Meagan

About Love? - Sarah Mae

sEx? - KevinRb

SEX - Crystal


4. Crystal

Pick your favorite cover song and post it! Explore the evolution from the original song and the remake.



definition : recipes for playing around with polysemy



write a mission statement



evaluation : criteria/match



causal composition : we are woven



write a proposal : planning and entraining





real-time wiki jamming with silence and other constraints

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