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Required Prosumption


As our projects grow, our own writing will garner much of our attention. However, we will still collate a "rhythm reader" comprised of links, handouts, scans, and a handful of required texts available at Bayboro Books:


Stogatz, Stephen (2003). Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. Hyperion Books.



Weheliye, A. G. (2005). Phonographies: Grooves in sonic Afro-modernity. Durham & London: Duke University Press.


Miller, Paul D. (2004). Rhythm Science. Mediaworks Pamphlets.



Danielou, A. (1995). Music and the power of sound. Rochester, VM: Inner Traditions.


Pearson, Lionel. Elementa Rhythmica: The Fragment of Book II and the Additional Evidence for Aristoxenean Rhythmic Theory

Our libraries and the world-wide web also make copious texts on the art and science of rhythm available to us, at no charge. Each week, each of us will also make presentations on the function of rhythm in e-texts relevant to our discussions in seminar.


The internet archive, which houses the Prelinger archives, Ubuweb (an open library of experimental film, music, and text), Freesound, and legaltorrents will also help us connect our projects.

We will also find new rhythms by stepping in time with the pace of technological development:






slashdot + digg = slashdigg!



NewsCloud - bottom-up grassroots web-browsing determines the "top" stories here.


Wiki News - file a report

Last, but certainly not least, two required codebooks or "rhetorics" for creative production, in coordination with the resources compiled in our CommonsStudio, will guide us as we grow our projects:


McLoud, S. (1993). Understanding comics. New York: Kitchen Sink Press.


Weston, Anthony (2000). A Rulebook for Arguments. Indianapolis/Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Company.

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